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Due to Covid-19, these programs have been put on hold. 


Urban Plunge

Dive deeper into how race, identity, and poverty are working to continuously keep those oppressed in our urban areas. Urban Plunge takes UCM to neighboring cities like Chicago and Detroit or even through Kalamazoo, working with local soup kitchens, habitat for humanities, and other agencies to help serve those in the community. 

Check back soon for information on where UCM will be traveling next...

Click Here to contact UCM for more information on future Urban Plunge trips.

Urban Plunge is offered during the fall and winter semesters.

Please check back for our upcoming Urban Plunge dates and location. 

With an Urban Plunge you can travel to an urban center and serve in the city and explore cultural sites in Detroit, Chicago or Kalamazoo. Visit the local agencies and learn about urban issues.


During the fall, we stay in Kalamazoo, giving students a chance to experience the city in a new way. 


In the spring, we head to Chicago. In the past, we have served a meal, helped with housing issues and spoke with those living in the city. 

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