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Due to Covid-19, these programs have been put on hold. 


Alternative Spring Break

With ASB, you can travel the country while being engaged in service learning. We work with a variety of organizations over the course of Spring Break, doing anything from painting a house to serving a lunch.

UCM ASB 2017

Philadelphia, PA

This year, 7 UCM Students packed into a van and headed to Pennsylvania. The agenda for the week was full and the students were ready to serve the community of Philadelphia. Along the way, they volunteered with a number of local organizations including: MANNA, Chosen 300, Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club, Village of Arts and Humanities Community Garden, Philabundance, and Old First Reformed Church. They were also able to visit the Eastern State Penitentiary and The Edgar Allan Poe House. It was an enriching and powerful spring break and what they got in return for their service, one cannot measure. Share in  their experiences by shuffling through the pictures to the right.

In the past, we have traveled to many different locations around the U.S. including:

New York, NY - Washington, D.C. - San Diego, CA - Louisville, KY - Seattle, WA - Baltimore, MA - Austin, TX

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