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Critical Incident Report

What? When we were having our “reflection time” as a group in the church, a man named TJ whose house we had been working on came to thank us. He told us about how he had to evacuate his house during the hurricane with his son on his back and his dog who was afraid of water in his arms through 140 mph winds to get shelter in his car. He mentioned how hard it’s been for his family, and how his son was having a really hard time working through it. TJ said it was important for you to hold on to your humor in situations like these.

So What? I felt sadness and shock that someone, especially someone as nice as this man had to go through such a terrible experience. It’s just unbelievable to me that he managed to get out of the storm okay, but I was extremely happy he was okay, along with his family, and grateful that I got the chance to meet him. However, the more I thought about his story, I began to realize that many people didn’t make it out alive and I felt a little angry because I don’t believe anyone deserves a terrifying death like that.

Now What? To me, it means that I’ve learned a lot about people as a whole. Just knowing that there are people like TJ who will fight to keep their family alive, even if it’s against something much stronger than them and people like my group who want to make a difference and help others, it really shows me that we all have something extraordinary in all of us, and I’ve learned we are all great people who can do great things even when our chances are slim.

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